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Welcome to — probably the best professional Singapore Social Escort agency in town! Here you will find a complete & comprehensive showcase of the best escorts in Singapore. Phone, Text or WhatsApp to +65 81614991 from 10am to 11pm daily for an immediate & responsive arrangement. 

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New! Celeste; young, sensually geeky SG Chinese uni student with the most genuine smile to brighten your day & deep real-feel passion to ignite vivid memories of your uni romps…

NEW! | YOUNG SINGAPORE SOCIAL ESCORT GIRL | Celeste is always with her geeky glasses and simple outlook, much like what you would expect from a typical girl-next-door. Except she is rather smart, and hides within her a deep real-feel passion waiting to be explored & discovered… 

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Vivian; fair & attractive petite asian escort in Singapore, always with good reviews of her real-feel deep passion & a rather open minded attraction that is totally satisfying…

ASIAN ESCORT IN SINGAPORE | Vivian is demure and soft spoken but takes very little time to warm up and ease herself into the mood and rhythm with you :) She speaks slowly but in such gentle sweet tones, you will be totally taken in by her. 

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New! Sharon; unassuming fair, slim mature sg office lady with a most outstanding figure who desires to meet gentlemen who will lead her on her erotic journey of discovery…

NEW! | FAIR, SLIM, MATURE SINGAPORE OL ESCORT | Sometimes awakening & passionate awareness needs a little push in the right direction ;) If you prefer SG Chinese, mature OL and if you like to take the lead, this wondrous lady is waiting eagerly to see you… 

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New! Kamini; local Indian babe with all natural assets & the exotic charm & charisma that you would expect for an attractive, outgoing babe :)

NEW! | SINGAPORE INDIAN ESCORT WITH HIGH GFE | Kamini is rather attractive with fashionable short hair, deep set bedroom eyes & a outgoing nature. She’s easy to get along with & you will sense that she’s open minded and deeply passionate…

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Claudia; cutsy youngish Singapore social escort who is really easy to get along with & is highly recommended for a most passionate fun time!

SINGAPORE SOCIAL ESCORT | Claudia is attractive and always very well groomed and well dressed — after all, she is an aspiring fashionista! She is very into fashion and hopes to have a fashion or beauty related business sometime soon :)

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Rosie; Young Singapore escort who is totally fun to be with, cutsy & exotic! Plus she is an undergrad with a local university, she has the smarts too!

YOUNG SINGAPORE ESCORT | Young and restless, restrained but on the lookout of adventures and experiences that would enrich and validate her very existence, Rosie is one that you simply have to see to revive fond memories of your own young and restless years…

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Daphne; young, active and delightfully real-feel, she is one of the most recommended girl if you are looking for a Singapore escort with high gfe factor…

SINGAPORE ESCORT WITH HIGH GFE | Daphne may appear to be your typical campus babe ~ casual, unassuming and cool. However, there is definitely more to what meets the eye. Her bashful laughter and youthful looks really give you a sense of that girl-next-door university student.

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Liv; attractive, edgy, high energy Singapore tattoo escort babe with rave reviews always!

SINGAPORE TATTOO ESCORT | Liv’s attitude is one that is very cordial and polite, and you sense that she really does want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. As you get all comfy, you sense an underlying deep passion…

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New! Jesse; full tattoo escort with high fun factor & yet is a edgy girly girl!

SINGAPORE TATTOO ESCORT | Jesse makes up her average looks with lots of zest, enthusiasm, passion and loads of positive energy! She is like the hot party babe who has a fantastic rhythm that is hard to match. 

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Exclusive Edgy Pairing! Liv & Jesse; two edgy Singapore escort girls, both very slim & fully inked to make more a most intimate and interesting pairing duo!

SINGAPORE TATTOO ESCORT PAIRING | You will know that both Liv & Jesse are really into each other; both are as slender and both are very into tattoos :)

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Exclusive Singapore Model Escort — For VIP, trusted and selected verified clients only.

For the discerning gentlemen who prefers a date with Singapore model escort girls and ladies — a selection of distinctive girls for quality companionship, here is a sample selection of girls who may be available with advance arrangements.

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Casting call for premium social escort girls; Singapore social escort job opportunities

SINGAPORE SOCIAL ESCORT JOB | Hi girls :) If you are looking for a professional agent to represent you, you have landed on the right page. I am Johnny and I own and operate since day 1. My agency is in operation for almost a decade and has grown from strength to strength, building up its operations and reputation along the way. The website is highly regarded and well liked by both clients and escorts, past and present.

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