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Totally New Introductions
Highly recommended if you like to see totally new and interesting ladies.
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She is one of the slimmest and perhaps the most lightweight babe I have ever seen ~ good for those whom may like to carry her around to keep to the rhythm eh? ;)

SG | right on the money for a cheerful, fun filled and chill out moments after an hour or two of intense passion for a delightful and curvy pan asian babe

S$650 first hour
S$1,000 for two hours

If there was a contest for petite SG Chinese babes, Lizzie would be a serious contender to take the trophy ~ she would probably set the benchmark for slim, petite and lightweight for an adult! 22 years old and seems younger, it is a delight that she seems to have some of her innocence and wide eye wonder of her teenage years ...

Not that she is all that innocent of course ;) She is an adult after all ... and to play a role as a young teenager or student is one of her ace up her sleeves. There are several other aces as well, but you would have to make a date with her to find out how passionate and naughty she may be ;)
She's down to earth, friendly and rather outgoing ~ a plus for those who like instant gfe from a ultra slim and petite sg chinese babe!
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Wonderously down to earth attraction with a totally giving nature, Sofia is one whom will keep you totally immersed, occupied and would leave you completely exhausted!

ASIAN | Soft spoken with a quiet attraction and a lean feminine figure, she is the one that will be hard to say goodbye to when its time to go ...

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

She may seem to be overly enthusiastic and eager initially, as that's her way to mask her nervousness as she is actually naturally shy. But let that pass within minutes and she will be more her attractive self and it will be all smooth sailing ahead ;)

Sofia may not realise that she does have a certain initial attraction that, over time, becomes even more appealing as it you spend more time with her. She is inwardly passionate and when at ease, will show it with much openness in a real-feel manner ~ as she is just herself with any pretentious.

Sofia is all that and more. Gents who like such are advised to make a date with her soon, as she probably will not be in the industry for too long ...
Get the real-feel passion and gfe from this unassuming, attractive and passionately sensual 20something Asian babe ...
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Tallish slightly matured babe with the best attitude, skilled hands to sooth your stress away and oh... watch out! Wondrous dangerous curves ahead!

ASIAN | She may seems a tad shy at first but once she's all comfy and cozy, she will open by and it will probably be one of your best experiences yet!

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

You will be amazed with her wondrous dangerous curves and her maturity to make your date with her one that will be truly amazing, to say the least.

Beneath her humble self, you will find her to be an alluring and sensual companion. Her pleasing and giving mannerism makes time a fleeting measure, melting away to easy flowing conversation, relaxing mood, marking the perfect foundation for intense and heated breathless passion ...

You owe it to yourself to make time with his sensational curvy babe and make it soon, as she's only here for a limited time.
Humble, down to earth yet totally alluring, skilful with her hands and all the dangerously sensual natural curves that you could ever wished for!
In Town Now
The nicest selection of babes and ladies that you could even wish for ;) These selections are highly recommended and several are returning for their seasonal visits to SG. Make a date soon and don't miss out on an enticing time with these ladies!
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In Town, Classy European Courtesan

INT'L | Fantasise no longer; for a very limited time only, you have the unique opportunity to meet a genuine high class European Courtesan from Vienna ... right here in Singapore!

S$1,000 first hour
S$1,700 for two hours

International courtesan and exclusive companion Brigitte is now back in Singapore, for a very limited time only. Well travelled and university educated, Brigitte is refreshingly down-to-earth with a genuinely bubbly and delightful personality, along with a great sense of humor!

Brigitte is pretty exclusive with the clientele she chooses to meet and would prefer to choose to meet only discerning gentleman that have a profound appreciation for quality companionship. Highly recommended for extended bookings -- be it dinner dates, private functions or lavish getaways, you will relish in her warm & friendly company and gorgeous looks!

Limited Time and By appointment Only
Available for international travel (regular clients only)
Highly recommended for extended bookings -- be it dinner dates, private functions or lavish getaways, you will relish in her warm & friendly company and gorgeous looks!
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Just 22, shantel is totally immersive and addictive to say the least :) attractive, sexy and seductive ...

ASIAN | she is one hot babe and never fail to impressed, from the first meeting and in ever aspect after that! Totally in a league of her own, she is hot with a capital H and totally unforgettable!

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

She is a head turner, no doubt about that, with her gorgeous flowing silky hair, almond shape face, deep set eyes and man! what a killer figure! Even her slang and tone of her voice is sexy and seductive.

In so many ways, she never fails to impress. And what she does, she does it with such want and passion and will leave you totally breathless … That's why she is totally immersive and addictive, you just can't get enough of her. Her slight tan complexion feels velvety and her nature is warm, friendly, passionate and very giving. You really, really won't want to miss her out.
If you want a active, initiated and totally open minded babe with the looks, figure and all the tease, look no further!

I saw Shantel in the morning - after I skipped a day off work :) She was absolutely gorgeous. She has a beautiful sexy figure that most men dream to hold. Initially she seemed a bit shy and demure but she warmed up to me later on after we engaged in some gentle "conversation". I also found her very well mannered and attentive to my needs. A thing of beauty is a joy forever..
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Exotic blend of chinese, vietnamese and french, Melody is the sweetness of wild honey and the looks that will hold your attention for endless hours ...

ASIAN | Just back for her second season, and definitely a blessing for anyone who want the sensual companionship of a most attractive and high gfe babe ...

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

If looks matters most to you, Melody is perhaps the best that I can offer here. She don't even have to try to get your attention. You will give it totally to her. That is her magic, and it gets even more potent with her soft voice, demure nature and nice hourglass figure …

You may imagine her in a beauty commercial, with magnetic eyes, sharp facial features and an exotic smile that will melt the demands of your career into pure bliss.

Her level of GFE is ultra high and in private, she is all yours. Totally focused and completely yours for the time, she delivers well, exceptionally and outstandingly, real-feel all the time ...
highly recommended if looks is really important to you, with a high level of gfe as well ...
Unexpectedly beautiful, Melody is a lovely surprise to the usual fare, even at higher rates. An exceptional 'babe', as Johnny likes to call ladies such as Melody, and I am getting the idea of it! Thanks for your recommendation Johnny.
Rick, UK

Melody has a lovely warm n friendly personality, bubbly and very very stunning. You're right Johnny, she's 10/10 for looks. Very accommodating and very intelligent and can carry on a very good conversation - she was magnificent. Highly recommend her.
FunGuy, Singapore
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you could sense the sexuality right away, as she raise and lower her bedroom eyes while she smiles away knowingly ...

ASIAN | having enough of the routine from 9 to 5, this totally sensual asian babe in her late 20s is ready to stride out and reveal her inner passion!

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

She seems to be taking in deep breaths as she speaks about wanting to be in the industry ~ a sense of her apprehension and excitement all rolled up in a dense ball of wanting to completely release her deep rooted desire to feel wanted ...

Not that she is not confident, I feel that she is. It's like taking in the entire feel of things to come before taking the plunge ~ like a high bungee jump ~ and to exhale at the excitement of it all after the trilling leap off the edge ... ;)
Definitely for gents who want to see someone new who is as exited as a kid in an amusement park for the first time! Except that she's really all woman and the amusement park is in the privacy of your four walls ;)
100% SG Babes
Girls listed here are the best selection of 100% verified SG babes. All are of legal age and definitely not your run of the mill type girls that you have have encounter before. Scroll down to see the comprehensive selection.
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you will love to run your fingers thru her soft glossy long hair, and bring her sensual lips close to yours … cassy will stir the animal instincts in you for sure!

SG | exotic, fair and such sweetie pie, but also a very passionate party babe at heart ...

S$1,500 first hour
S$1,000 for every additional hour thereafter

Cassy is attractive, fair and tallish, with long, silky, flowing hair and spirited attitude, she will make you feel at ease with her from the first hello. Friendly, cheerful and with a high level of gfe, she is definitely a pleasure to meet up with for a passionate date …

Up close, you will sense that she's warm and so sensual, with such kissable lips and a wanting nature, everything will fall in place like a perfect first date. You will surely not want to miss a date with her!
tallish babe, ex stewardess with long silky flowing hair and a straight word, positive attune and deep rooted passion ...

Thanks for the blind date with Cassy Johnny, definitely more then expected and she is so much more then what your pictures can possibly show. Will rate her alongside your best girls yet! ~ AL, SG

Met Cassy on numerous occasions and each time felt like the first time. I like her for her straightforward positive attitude, her high level of gfe and above all, her fiery passion in private!

A most interesting babe who actually likes what she does, and she do it really, really well. Splendid and I really, really like her.
Simon, UK
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a rare treat for those who have a taste for fine local dish who's tall, slender, fair and completely immersive and lady-like. captivating and engaging, lace is a rather attractive local sg babe with so much to offer …

SG | tall, slim, fair maiden with the best attitude ~ one that you may expect from an ex stewardess! plus she is soft spoken, demure yet totally responsive and passionate ...

S$1,500 first hour
S$1,000 for every additional hour thereafter

Up close and personal, Lace seems fragile ~ she's soft spoken, lady-like, fair and demure. But after a while, speaking with her, you sense that she is so much more than what she seem …

Her mannerism would remind you of a high level of service that you would expect from a first class stewardess ~ something she did before with a top airline some time ago.

She has that naughty and cheeky gleam in her eyes, and such passion that would lead you to indulge in such sinful pleasures and leave you completely breathless. And yet, you would want to spend more time with her and get to know her so much better.

Definitely a rare treat indeed ;)
Highly recommended for gents who likes soft spoken fair, demure ladies who are as attractive as they are deeply responsive and passionate.

Thanks for your fine recommendation Johnny. Lace is indeed everything as you said she would be. Interesting indeed! I have to see her again and soon, and I would need at least 3 hours for the next date!
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Vivacious, instant gfe and very friendly, tracy is a must-see babe for gentlemen who wants no fuss in meeting a super nice sg chinese babe

SG | tall, sporty & sizzling hot! attractive, very sporty and vivacious babe. Almost instant gfe for sure!

S$1,000 first hour
S$500 for every additional hour thereafter

First impression: Wow! She's really attractive, tall and speaks really well ~ a cosmopolitan yet sporty, outgoing, very friendly and full of positive vibes, Tracy is someone to meet if you like non pretentious local Chinese babes with high zing factor!

She's undeniably attractive, yet she like to be in the shadows away from all the attention ~ with such kissable lips and a vibrant and vivacious personality. A nice date for sure! It helps that she is tallish and such a pleaser too.

As you may imagine, private time with her will be fun, passionate and utterly unforgettable ;)
For those who like sg chinese babes with a great personality and a unpolished feel about her, Tracy is as real as you can get ...

A big thank you Johnny for introducing Tracy, she is everything you say she is and then some! Planning my next trip to include at least an overnight for sure!
JD, Australia
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Definitively attractive, very well groomed, totally attentive and completely sensual …

SG | one who dresses to the max, well groomed and attentively, with high gfe, she is definitely one who is hard to let go of when the time comes …

S$1,000 first hour
S$500 for every additional hour thereafter

Megan is a classy, sophisticated and a completely sensual babe; definitively attractive, well groomed, demure and soft spoken. With her, you will get all her attention and she makes you feel like you are her one and only in no time.

Fluent in English and Mandarin, Megan talks to you with wide eye wonder like a curious child who wants to know and experience everything that life could offer ...

In private, get ready for a passional real-feel time as she peel off her layers to reveal her sexy intimates and work herself to create the most exhausting time for you, ever!
Well groomed and alway present herself in the best that she can, Megan is one sassy attractive and cosmopolitan SG babe with such talent and flair for fashion and so much more ...

I have seen Megan for the second time during my trip to Singapore. As good if not better than my first experience. A very down to earth woman who is as comfortable in conversation as well as other activities. I loved my time with her. I am sure to book her again during my next trip but then for a more extended time.

I have seen dated lots of Johnny's girls and he have never let me down. His pictures and profile are spot on. Megan, is the only exception. She's more then what could be captured by a camera and mere words can't even begin to describe her. A very excellent babe whom I will definitely see more of :)
DC, Singapore
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Active dancer babe with a well toned figure and a very vivacious nature

SG | totally vivacious party babe, the one who looks untouchable, or so it seems … wondrously well defined slim figure that you would expect of a dancer, nicely dolled up just for you!

S$1,000 first hour
S$500 for every additional hour thereafter

Totally committed to her passion as a dancer, Tanya works hard to keep her well defined figure. Her stamina is incredible and it shows in every aspect of her routine. Apply that to time with her in private and you get an inkling to what may lie ahead! Definitely for the more active, with extras ...

When Tanya looks at you, you know she means business. Her fixation on you from stage is simply penetrating, and you feel her every movement with such intensity that you may just lose it there. And that's her on stage persona.

Off stage, when she is entirely different. And the more that you know of her, the more incredible she will seems to you. Faultlessly groomed and well dressed, you will find her attractive as she is attentive.
Converse with her and you can feel her thoughts as she speaks whats on her mind, thoughtfully and articulately. Hold her close and you will feel her passion, as she is as open minded as you would like her to be, and with some surprise that you may not expect!

… Tanya is gorgeous and much more then what the camera can capture! Can't wait to see her again. Will make the date as soon as I visit Singapore again! ~
~ JR
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back! adorable sunshine in a firm curvy package ~ pan asian babe with the most sunshine smile & a huge dose of fun filled gfe for a passionate time ahead ;)

SG | right on the money for a cheerful, fun filled and chill out moments after an hour or two of intense passion for a delightful and curvy pan asian babe

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

A dose of sunshine and definitely attractive in her cheerful self, this pure SG babe will make you just want to wrestle with her ~ in a most dramatic passionate sense, if you get my drift ;)

She is utterly down to earth and genuinely friendly, and it helps that she is packed in a tight firm curvy package with much energy may drained you so much! It helps that she loves the sun, and have a never say die attitude. Perhaps also that she was from the customer service industry and used to fly the skies as well ...

In all, a not to be missed babe for gents who want a genuine connection and share moments of deep intense passion ;)
Back for a second season, make a date with this attractive pan asian SG babe and make that connection that will lead you to a real-feel intense hour of deep passion.
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New and exciting offering!

SG | young, exciting and totally open minded and deeply passionate; don't miss this unassuming but highly active sg chinese-jap mixed babe!

S$800 first hour
S$400 for every additional hour thereafter
Extras add 400

Yet another new exciting addition in the lunar year of the horse! A totally open minded babe, yet as unassuming as a college student. This aspiring artist loves her workout and she has the toned muscles to show for her dedication.

Tallish with a youngish look for all her 20 years of being, she is very friendly and have a almost childlike curiosity of everything about her. Except when it comes to intimate pleasures ~ where she let herself go and be the spark that you want her to be in all her real-feel mannerism ;)

Young, lean and totally open-minded with an expression of wonderment and real-feel passion that is all her with extras as well ... you really won't want to miss a date with Erica!

Note: Erica now sports a very short hairdo.
Recommended for active gentlemen and all who wants to re-ignite the sparks of your best experiences ...
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Attractive, petite, gfe babe with a very well-toned body and a curious mind to explore the erotic …

SG | petite, slim, with a vivacious nature, rachel is definitely fun to be with and with her well toned body and a curious mind, she will probably leave you totally exhausted in no time at all!

S$800 first hour
S$400 for every additional hour thereafter

Petite, slim, with a vivacious nature, Rachel is definitely fun to be with and with her well toned body and a curious mind, she will probably leave you totally exhausted in no time at all!

Rachel is a cool babe, no doubt about that. Not unlike your varsity girlfriend at her peak of sensuality and sexuality ~ the one who effortlessly creates such fantasies in your mind without even trying ;) She reminds of the best such times from long ago …

You will get along with her immediately, as she displays natural real-feel gfe. Great attitude and adventurous, I predict that Rachel is set to be one of the more popular babe soon!
vivacious, fun loving, happy go lucky type babe. Oh ... did I mention that her gfe is super high? And that her passion in private cannot be denied ...
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Jill is a complex puzzle and you will not want to miss putting the pieces together for a complete picture ...

SG | totally bi, sensual, spicy and definitely unassuming surprising ;)

S$800 first hour solo
S$1,200 first hour for couples

Jill is a ultra cool babe who is unaware of her attraction and can't understand why she is actually very sensual ... In person, she perhaps will remind you of the not-so-hot babe in uni but you will notice her with her cool sensual ways. Ultra feminine and yet there is something about her that you know she could be in control of intimate situations. Totally real.

In private, she gives her all and make sure that you will enjoy yourself as much as she do too! If you like her to be with you and your partner, do let me know. She will most certainly more then deliver ;)

What Jill have to say about herself:
"I'm looking for a discerning gentleman to indulge and play out our fantasies together in a safe haven, to explore smooth curves and perky derrière together! Gentleman preferred to come with a good sense of humour and possess a gift of the gab, but I welcome other charms to surprise me as well!

I have a gentle way about me that exudes both sophistication and a glimmer of girly charm. Despite my quiet allure, I have learnt the art of controlling and am very firm and vocal about my desires. But a warm and strong embrace can render me completely yielding ..."
she speaks softly and her soft ways makes her even more womanly, adding on to the deep passionate side of her ...
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New and exciting offering!

SG | cosmopolitan local chinese babe with great gfe, is delightfully down to earth and definitely passionate in nature ...

S$800 first hour
S$400 for every additional hour thereafter

The year of the horse brings in the first offering of the new lunar new year, in the form of Andrea. A delightful local Chinese babe who is here having a short relief from her overseas uni. She speaks well, is rather down to earth and gfe is instant and all real.

Tallish with a genuine smile and a more out-going nature, Andrea is really fun to be with as she's jovial and have a somewhat happy-go-lucky way about her. Plus she's easy on the eye and you will sense her deep rooted passion when she gives you that wanting look ...

And just right at the age of 22 ~ eager, willing and open to new ideas for a intimate encounter ...
If you like young, fun, high gfe modern sg girls who is just starting off in the industry, you will definitely not want to miss out on a date with Andrea. She's all that, and more ;)
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petite, young and all natural, this sporty and spontaneous babe will set your pulse racing in no time!

SG | sweet, youngish and totally giving & surprising ...

S$800 first hour
S$400 for every additional hour thereafter

You may tick these off the checklist upon the first sight of Claudia; attractive, sweet looks, great smile, petite, slim, nice figure, busty, well dressed, well groomed.

Talking to her, you will find her warm and friendly, cheerful and soft spoken. It will be an instant hit off with this sporty and spontaneous babe.

She is that and so much more, giving and wanting to have a good time as much as you do. You sense a very interesting time ahead in private, when her sensual side emerge ~ she is such a passionate firecracker waiting to ignite ...
Very petite and yet naturally busty and slim, Claudia is all set to send shockwaves with her youngish look and extremely teasing nature!
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Meeting Kylie is a breath of fresh air ~ she's intelligent but she is down to earth, open minded, vivacious and extremely fun! Even though she don't seem to know it,

SG | attractive sg model babe ~ tall, slim, busty and very vivacious and out going babe, simply delightful and very, very unforgettable …

S$800 first hour
S$400 for every additional hour thereafter

Kylie is very attractive and could stop traffic in its tracks. Plus she is tall with slim waist and nice perky B+/C cups ~ a visual treat I am sure:)

She's ever curious and speaks well and would ask you about everything and nothing, and that is a quality I especially like about her. Almost childlike innocence but not, and loads of fun! Kylie has a rather playful and fun loving personality but she does need time to warm up to get all fun and cosy ~ probably in 10 mins or so ~ and then, there's no stopping her! Especially if you speak in a foreign accent … don't ask me why though …

In private, she is pro-active and if you treat her right, she will place you on a throne and make you into her majesty ...
Imagine a hot blooded and budding uni student who have just discover her sensuality ... now imagine that you are alone with her in a room :)

Kylie has a sunny radiant personality and other equally attractive attributes :) I just love her gorgeous smile and the way she talks which has a very feminine lyrical quality. She also has a glamorous dress style - the image of her in red dress will be with me for awhile. Coupled with her impeccable manners, I would not hesitate to bring her to my company's events. Taller and possessing a more sensual and fuller figure than most Asian women; she reminds me of a younger Monica Bellucci.
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walk on the wild side with kiwii, pump up the music a little and see her exotic dance moves with you as her only audience ...

SG | fun & exciting babe, party-type babe with all the right moves that you will expect of an exotic dancer

S$800 first hour
S$400 for every additional hour thereafter

After just a few minutes and you will know that Kiwii is a professional dancer and she can really work that body well to give you wild imaginations … tall, active, friendly, open minded and totally immersive and giving babe. not for the faint hearted for sure!

A true party girl, she is exciting, and is always game for something fun and adventurous, as long as its not hurtful or painful ;) Drinks aplenty and fast music will definitely heighten the mood to give you a truly unforgettable private 1 to 1 party!
She may seem too hot to handle but in person, she actually very friendly, outgoing, likeable and at the right opportune, makes for a perfect hot and sweaty night out!

Wow, as usual, Johnny delivers as promised. Kiwii was exciting, active, spontaneous, sexy and sensual! The way she looks as you as she dances was electrifying! Very hot babe that will get you flustered! Definitely looking to book her for a longer time again!
Charles, Singapore
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Stacks Image 43470
Rare and indeed enchanting, local chinese matured lady in her 40s with all the bells and whistles that you not have expected from a lady as such ...

SG | you can tell that she's attractive indeed when she's younger, as she is now in her early 40s ...

S$800 first hour
S$1,200 for two hours

Amber is a very slim and tallish matured lady. 100% pure SG chinese, she is a rare treat for those who prefer such. Still good looking and totally friendly and chatty, she is a breath of fresh air as compared to several other matured ladies that I have met and not represented here.

You could sense that she is rather flirty and perhaps catch a hint of her party girl days. And being with her for just a while, you may even sense that she is rather responsive and could be even as active as she was before ;) A sheer and certainly tempting promise of what is to be expected in private ...
A rare treat indeed! Slim, tallish SG chinese matured lady that still have a hint of her active party days ;)
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Stacks Image 1496
Seemingly shy, definitely demure and soft-spoken, Kiraz is a exotic looking asian mixed SG babe who will not fail to keep you entertained ...

SG | tallish, slim, very exotic looks and definitely passionate ...

Day Rates from S$550 First Hour
Night Rates from S$650 First Hour

You would know that she did some modelling, with her cool, strong, sharp attractive exotic looks and her tall, ultra slim figure. And the way she carries herself is like she's on the catwalk modelling designer clothes.

You will definitely notice her, even in a crowd. And you may even think she look rather aloof, with her ultra cool demeanour. But Kiraz is actually very approachable, is very friendly and loves it if you take the time to get to know her. She appreciates communication and flattery even though she really seem painfully shy.

And as you get to know her better, she would love to get to know you as well. Intimately ...
If you like tall, ultra slim and very friendly babe with a super high level of GFE and a defined, well tone figure, you would not want to miss out a date with Kiraz!

Kiraz is beautiful and a pleasure to spend time with. She took very good care of me and left me very satisfied. Do yourself a favour and book time with her!
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New and exciting offering!

SG | petite brown sugar & yet curvy babe with all the right combinations to make her a choice selection for a sensual, memorable and totally rewarding experience ever!

S$450 first hour
S$250 for every additional hour thereafter

She's like sunshine in a moody wet night and the instant you see her you will feel comforted from her all real friendly and fun-loving nature and the radiance from her heart warming smile :) Daysha is all real and perhaps even somewhat impressionable as she centres all her attention to you with wide eye wonder. You will see that a lot from her large expressive eyes.

Blessed with all the right curves in the right places, and the right attitude, mannerism and she's nicely groomed and well dressed, Daysha is definitely all woman ~ full of passion and wanting, and she savours every minute of being a woman, knowing what makes it wonderfully memorable for you ...
Highly recommended for those who like petite, curvy, tanned skin babes with clear smooth complexion and a high level of giving gfe ...
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pure sg babe
attractive high gfe malay babe

new and extremely sensual babe with the most amazing, kissable lips ...

First impression: Ashley appears to be very rugged and tomboyish. She certainly speaks well, is well manner and very friendly. But dig deeper and underneath that outgoing outlook is a very sensual being who wants to be up close and personal with you!

Ashley has amazing lips, and large doll-like eyes. You would agree that she's attractive and spending time with her just makes her more so. Especially in private. And believe me, an hour simply will just fly by too quickly ...

Day Rates from S$550 First Hour
Night Rates from S$650 First Hour

Visit Ashley's Page >>
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New! Sexy Matured Tanned

SG | tallish and definitely one of the nicest. open minded and most sexy 30 something sg lady you could ever hope to meet up with ...

S$650 first hour
S$350 for every additional hour thereafter

First impression: Tall, nice complexion, lovely smile, teasing and knowing ~ and to add on the her sensual aura, Misha speaks rather demurely with a knowing look that makes her rather mesmerising indeed!

She's 30 something and is highly recommended for those who prefers the companionship of a matured lady who's at the same time young at heart. She loves to have a good time and genuinely enjoys what she does as she warms up to you in a way that only a more matured lady knows how ...
For those who prefers the company of matured yet young-at-heart lady who is full of passion ...
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Stacks Image 890
Back! Matured & all woman

SG~Korean | tallish and all woman, Hanna has a figure that most others could only wish for. She definitely passionate and if you like matured ladies, you will adore Hanna!

S$650 first hour
S$350 for every additional hour thereafter

A rare combination of the right age, height, figure, fair complexion and having the best of SG Chinese and Korean in one package, Hanna is definitely the lady of choice if you prefer someone who's more matured, understanding, giving and engaging in all manner of things.

She was very popular when she debuted sometime back, and have consistent good reviews from local and international clients alike. Now back and as good as ever, Hanna will be available throughout the holidays with advance notice. A promising and totally memorable lady to make your time with her completely satisfying and totally unforgettable ...
A definitely must see lady for those who like exotic mature ladies who's still have the figure and who's all giving and all woman ...
A taste for the most desirable and delightful babes, girls in this selection are a rare breed of for the most discerning gentleman of taste and means.
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pairing | one who is in charge and fun-loving, another who is sweet and demure, but giving. together, they bring the level of sensual intoxication to even greater heights ...

Jill &

S$3,000 for the pair for 90 mins
Add hr S$2,000 for the pair

imagine what you want when you have two babes at your service and you probably would get an idea of what it may be like with these two ;) Jill & Vivian get along great and are very into each other. Being playful and open minded to explore and discover, these two will be an ideal choice if you just wanna have an extraordinary unforgettable experience!

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+65 81614991

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Vivian >
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pairing | the ultimate fantasy of being in the same room with both twin sisters ...

Coco &

S$3,000 for the pair for 90 mins
Add hr S$2,000 for the pair

Since the most ancient cultures all over the world, in Europe, India, China, Japan, etc., exotica an indulgence is practiced by kings, queens, royalties and the rich. It's in our human nature to want it and seek it to satisfy our deep longings. Perhaps time with these two exotic babes may satisfy the itch ...

It's not often that you meet twins who get along well, let alone twins who are into each other and are as open minded and explorative ... This is the ultimate fantasy of two sweet young babes for the most explosive time that you could ever wish for! As I have said before ~ simply intoxicating and utterly irresistible ...

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Solo rates from S$650
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pairing | when 2 slightly matured ladies with all natural curves gets really hot & sweaty together ...

Lavina &

S$3,000 for the pair for 90 mins
Add hr S$2,000 for the pair

Two loving girlfriends in real life share more then just gossip, shopping and visits to the beauty salons ... The have a deep passion for each other and invite you to be part of the all giving fun!

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Recent Review
Wow, Johnny recommended Luiza to me and wow what a night. What made it even more amazing is that we had a Luiza's girlfriend along ~ Lavina. These girls really know how to show a guy a good time. Luiza is just the most amazing and most sensual lover and Lavina really knows how to please a guy. Thanks Johnny, awesome recommendation and thanks for twisting my arm to book both the girls :)

~ Dan

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Luiza >>
Highly Recommended
Looking for girls with a high level of girlfriend experience? There GFE girls are your best bet in having a companion of choice ~ ever attentive, accommodating and totally committed to your satisfaction ...
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Soft spoken and demure, you will be well rewarded once this babe gets comfy with you!

ASIAN | sweet, soft spoken, great attitude and always making sure that you are completely satisfied with her ...

S$650 first hour
S$350 for every additional hour thereafter

Vivian have very sweet and exotic looks, and is a good dresser and have a very cheerful, playful nature. But is so many way, she is delicate and womanly as well. The combination is intoxicating and addictive and you will surely want to spend more time with her.

In private, she is best describe as a surprise package ~ once she get comfortable with you and gets all comfy and cosy, she metamorphosing from a delicate shy demure babe to a totally different sexy seductive creature entirely. Wanting and giving at the same time.

Simply intoxicating and utterly irresistible. Which would explain why she have so many repeated requests to see her again and again ;)
intoxicating and definitely eye candy, vivian is one who have plenty of repeated requests. As we would say, she's a keeper!
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fresh, young, fair and seemingly soft spoken and demure, you will be well rewarded once this babe gets comfy with you!

ASIAN | Coco is the older twin of Chanel and if you like sweet young babe, she's or her sister (or both!) must be your choice selection!

S$650 first hour
S$350 for every additional hour thereafter

Coco have very sweet and attractive looks, and is always well presented in casual wear or nice dresses. She is always very cheerful, and is soft spoken and demure. First impression is that she is a young sweet delicate flower and womanly at the same time. The combination is intoxicating and addictive and you will surely want to spend more time with her.

In private, she is best describe as a surprise package ~ once she's all comfy and cosy, she metamorphosing from a delicate shy demure babe to a totally different sexy seductive creature entirely. Wanting and giving at the same time.

Simply intoxicating and utterly irresistible ...
sweet as candy, youngish and definitely oozing with sex appeal ~ if that's your cuppa, she will be the ultimate prize ...
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Chanel is the younger twin of Coco, and is every bit as kawaii and addictive ...

ASIAN | fresh, young, fair and seemingly soft spoken and demure, you will be well rewarded once this babe gets comfy with you!

S$650 first hour
S$350 for every additional hour thereafter

Chanel is the younger twin sister of Coco, and share many things with her older twin. The same very sweet and attractive looks, and is always well presented in casual wear or nice dresses. She is also always very cheerful, and is soft spoken and demure. First impression is that she is the shadow of her older twin but in reality, Chanel is all the same with a more playful and cheeky twist.

With more eager wild eye wonder, this girl~woman is always curious and surprising, and is, IMHO, more active and exhausting in private then her older sibling. Yet another surprise package!

Simply intoxicating and utterly irresistible ...
the younger twin, a bit more playful and definitely more active and exhausting then her older sister! features one of the best selection of models and babes in the industry, all hand-picked and featured here to maintain the quality and desirable characteristics that have come to become the hallmark of Pictures are always 100% real and taken in our in-house studio with minimum image manipulation. All profile are written to be as accurate as possible. You will never see anyone other then the exact person that you have selected.

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