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Oct 20

Featuring pairings, innocent type girls, exclusive girls, models and such. Note that the selection in this section is for VIP & clients who are verified in room.
I meet every escort featured here, and by talking to them, I write all the profiles to be as accurate as possible.

All escorts featured in this site are guaranteed to be of the same person as in pictures. We will never send an escort who is not your choice selection.

Pictures are recent and are taken in our exclusive in-agency professional studio.

Highly Recommended
Our exclusive and excellently reviewed SG, Asian and International babes

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New! Lexi is fair, slim, all sensual ~ with a healthy dose of radiant charisma and womanly charm you can't get enough of …

1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

ASIAN | this vivacious 20something babe from an exotic land is one that you would not want to miss out on!

You will surely take notice of her, even from a distance. She is one of the few babes I know who have a natural attraction about her. Not in a glam up or loud manner, but in a subtle quiet confidence of pure womanly charm. When she speaks with you, you will appreciate her good command of English, and that she is well dressed and well groomed. You will also feel that she is indeed all-woman with her soothing soft spoken ways, a teasing yet shy manner which is convincingly intoxicating, refreshing, rejuvenating and contagious.

As you get to know her better, you will feel that she is as active as she is sensual and teasing. She opens up warmly and understands what makes it for you in a way that is natural and spontaneous. In time, you will feel that she is active through and through, and you will definitely appreciate her natural sensuality and womanly charm.

Get ready to dive into a deep sea of passionate and perhaps even intense experiences, and get swept away with the strong currents of a real-feel experience with Lexi … You will want to meet her for all that she is and all that she has to offer when she is with you ...
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New! Well mannered, soft spoken, tall and absolutely alluring matured euro lady

1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

EURO | if you like quality companionship of matured European ladies, you simply must make a date with our lovely Valentina!

Poised, teasingly seductive but not overly so, extremely well mannered, well dressed and well groomed are qualities that you can expect from Valentina. A matured lady who knows just what you are looking for, in every sense of the word :) She is one of the very few matured european ladies that I would personally recommend for everything that she is, and that she is very real, not pretentious and is very sensible at the same time.

For a matured lady, she is in very good shape — It shows that she takes very good care of herself and is proud of how she presents herself. She speaks well, in a soft pleasing tone that will make you just want to drawn her closer for a romantic and sensual encounter in private ... You will be pleased to know that although she dresses up sensibly in public, she is dangerously seductively in private ;) Surely someone you have to make a date with if you like classy sexy european matured ladies.

In town for a limited time only.
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Back! Slightly matured Euro babe with the best attitude who's totally womanly ...

1 Hr S$1,000
2 Hrs S$1,500

INT'L | attractive late 20s euro nude model is here in our sunny shores for another season

Not the usual fare that you may expect ~ Isabel is not as tall as many euro babes, totally fresh with much womanly appeal, good nature and with the best attitude ~ she is certainly a breath of fresh air. Despite her apparent attractiveness, she is very soft spoken, friendly, approachable and have a very caring and giving nature about her.

She speaks slowly and tries to understand as much as she can, asking questions along the way and asking that you have patience with her as she polishes up her conversational English. Not that she don't speak as well, just that you would need to slow down a tad for her to get what you mean.

In private, I sense a high level of gfe from a seemingly innocent babe with deep rooted passion. It will be an experience with high real-feel factor and you will find yourself wanting her to stay on and on ...
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New! For a taste of something totally exotic and rare, make a date with one of our newest addition! She will remind you of innocence lost and restless years, when you have nay a care in the world and passion rules over logic …

1 Hr S$650
2 Hrs S$1,000

SG | young and restless, restrained but on the lookout of adventures and experiences that would enrich and validate her very existence, Rosie is one that you simply have to see to revive fond memories of your own young and restless years ...

She is not exactly as well groomed, her fashion sense is rather basic, she don't style her hair much nor does she doll up much. But that is exactly the appeal of this 20 years young local
Nyonya babe :)

Not too experienced in many things but definitely enthusiastically looking forward to more experiences, you will like her for the way she converse with her strong command of English, easy to get along with personality, sincere mannerism and real-feel passion that you can feel is bottled up inside her. All she needs is the catalyst to make it all react and what a reaction that would be!
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New! Tall, slim and toned dance student with a pleasant and quiet, cool attitude

1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

SG | unassuming and seemingly quiet 20something, with cool calm confidence that will just lead to interesting surprises!

Daphne may appear to be your pleasantly typical university student, a little shy, unassuming, calm and collected. But there is more to what meets the eye.

You will first get the sense of her girl-next-door innocence, especially with that poise of a young classical dancer. When conversations start flowing into a deeper mood and rhythm, you will realise that this girl have lots of sensuality and perhaps more fantasies then you may be able to manage :) You may find yourself stripping that good girl image away with interesting possibilities and treats …

Daphne is definitely active, young and even addictive. With the stamina of a well-trained dancer, there is a different side of her waiting to surprise you. Expect the unexpected and one thing is for sure ~ you would want to pace yourself!

Oh, and did I mentioned about her classical dance background? ;)

Please note that Daphne wears braces.

Having the same over and over again can get rather stale and when you do feel that way, it may be time to up the tempo and get into a most erotic situation where you will be complete immersed. Imagine that you are with two girls who are really, really into each other while extending an invitation for you to join in the fun ...

Turn up the heat and immerse deep into the exciting world of intense hot passion with two of our most active and sexiest babes!

Tanya &

dynamic duo who are totally immersive and active, perfect with each other for your ultimate, uninhibited fantasy ;)

A cocktail of Tanya's dominance and Shantel's wild appetite is the fantasy you might have been waiting to indulge in. Experience their bold synergy and active passion, and treat yourself to an extraordinary time!

Tanya >>
Shantel >>

Highly recommended if you're looking for an uninhibited fantasy experience with two very active babes

Rates S$3,000 for 90 mins
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100% SG Babes
Girls listed here are the best selection of 100% verified SG babes. All are of legal age and definitely not your run off the mill type of girls that you may have encountered before. Scroll down to see the comprehensive selection.

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Daphne >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

When conversations start flowing into a deeper mood and rhythm, you will realise that this girl have lots of sensuality and perhaps more fantasies then you may be able to manage :)
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Tanya >>
1 Hr S$1,000
2 Hrs S$1,500

Totally vivacious party babe, the one who looks untouchable, or so it seems … wondrously well defined slim figure that you would expect of a dancer, nicely dolled up just for you!
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Cassy >>
Usual 1st Hr S$1,500
Now 1st Hr S$1,000

You will love to run your fingers thru her soft glossy long hair, and bring her sensual lips close to yours … Cassy will stir the animal instincts in you for sure!
Recently reviewed!
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Rachel >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

Petite, slim, with a vivacious nature, Rachel is definitely fun to be with and with her well toned body and a curious mind, she will probably leave you totally exhausted in no time at all!
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Anya >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

You will find Anya to be sugar, spice and everything nice in no time! Well-mannered, pleasant on the eyes and friendly, let Anya's warm soothing voice bring you deeper into the mood.
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Sharon >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

Her ultra petite physique and poised confidence is magnetic. You can tell Sharon is someone who likes to take charge, and you feel there is a kind of sensual elegance in her collected self. Looking to break from the routined office life, she's never been more ready to play!
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Julia >>
1 Hr S$650
2 Hrs S$1,000

Uninhibited fun and possibilities aplenty with this party babe with high gfe ~ Outgoing, friendly, with a sweet side. Hints of enjoyable spontaneity that might surprise you!
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Daysha >>
1 Hr S$450
2 Hrs S$700

Petite brown sugar & yet curvy babe with all the right combinations to make her a choice selection for a sensual, memorable and totally rewarding experience ever!
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Kiraz >>
1 Hr S$650
2 Hrs S$1,000

Seemingly shy, definitely demure and soft-spoken, Kiraz is a exotic looking asian mixed SG babe who will not fail to keep you entertained ...
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Lareine >>
Usual 1st Hr S$1,500
Now 1st Hr S$1,000

She has a loveable personality, a well-toned and wondrous physique, and always up for a fun time. As you warm to her vibrant personality, soak in the underlying tones of Lareine's sensuality exuding from her composure and subtle curiosity of things.
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Rosie >>
1 Hr S$650
2 Hrs S$1,000

Young and restless, restrained but on the lookout for enriching adventures and experiences, Rosie is one that you simply have to see to revive fond memories of your own young and restless years ...
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Trista >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

Just back from a time out in the US, Trista is all that you would expect from an open minded and well travelled lady of leisure. She's smart, playful, cheerful and oh, did I mention attractive?
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GiGi >>
1 Hr S$650
2 Hrs S$1,000

Gigi is all womanly and grace ~ a rare treat if you like matured ladies who still have the deep rooted passion inside her seemingly demure self. And she is always young at heart!

Asian Babes
Our exclusive selection of specially chosen extraordinary Asian babes, and they are really eager to meet you.

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Shantel >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

She is one hot babe and never fail to impressed, from the first meeting and in ever aspect after that! Totally in a league of her own, she is hot with a capital H and totally unforgettable!
Stacks Image 20437
Violet >>
1 Hr S$650
2 Hrs S$1,000

Sweet looking angelic face with a sunshine smile. After some time with her, you could sense her naughty nature behind all that good girl image.
Stacks Image 21875
Clara >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

Adorable ABC type babe, slim, attractive, real-feel passion and an absolute joy to be with. Eloquent, down to earth and intelligent - A breath of fresh air you won't get enough of!

Recently reviewed!
Stacks Image 20350
Desiree >>
Usual 1st Hr S$800
Now 1st Hr S$650

Extremely curvy babe with baby doll looks, sharp features and alluring bedroom eyes that will make you want to be so in love all over again ...

Note: Desiree's hair is now long and wavy.
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Fay >>
1 Hr S$800
2 Hrs S$1,200

For the gentlemen looking for faultlessly well-dressed, young, active and attractive babe who takes very good care of her looks and figure …

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